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fb2HeadEditor - Program for correcting the titles of documents in the format of e-books FictionBook version 2.1 (fb2).

This is a program for those who have collected a large library of books downloaded on the web, faced with the need to bring the entire array of books to a single standard, for example, for subsequent work with catalogers.

Most often you have to change: the title of the book, the names of the authors, the genre of the book, the ID, etc. Sometimes there is a need to write an annotation. Sometimes you need to change the document encoding or rename the document according to certain rules, or pack the document in a zip archive.

fb2HeadEitor is a program that greatly facilitates such tasks, allowing you to fix up to a hundred, and sometimes more files per hour in semi-automatic mode.

Main characteristic:

  • Correction of the values of the fields included in the "title-info" and "document-info" sections (the content of the other sections remains unchanged);
  • Changing the file encoding (ansi or unicode);
  • Changing the file name by template, based on the values of the "book-title" and "author" fields";
  • Working with files packed in a zip archive;
  • Work in manual and batch modes (the latter is not yet available for all functions).

Licence : freeware
Version : 1.1.1 b
OS : Win 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Language : English, Russian
Download :
Author : Kopanitsa Arkady

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