free software

eCramming is a program for learning English words with the ability to print flash cards.

eNumbers is a simulator program for strengthening the skill of understanding English numerals by ear.

microReminder is a program for reminders about various things, which is easy to use and which does not have unnecessary functionality.

xyBackup is a program for backing up (backup) data from various media.

eTenses is a program for learning the tenses of the English language, based on the well-known TV show "Polyglot" of the TV channel "Culture".

upup2epub - epub converter.

htmlDocs2fb2 - Program for converting documents in html and doc format (MS Word) to FictionBook version 2.1 (fb2) e-book format.

fb2HeadEditor - Program for correcting the titles of documents in the format of e-books FictionBook version 2.1 (fb2).

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