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microReminder - the program for reminders about various things, which is easy to use and which does not have unnecessary functionality.

Reminders can be displayed on a schedule and without.

Scheduled reminders appear

  • Upon the occurrence of a specific date and time;
  • At a certain time of one or more days of the week;
  • At a certain time once a month.

Off-schedule reminders are reminders that appear a few minutes after the computer starts.

Several reminder methods are implemented:

  • Displaying the message in a separate window that appears;
  • Displaying a message in the notification area (in the system tray);
  • Displaying an animated icon in the notification area (in the system tray);
  • Playback of an audio file in *.wav format;
  • Launching some program defined by the user or, in general, opening any file that the OS has its own application in accordance with.

In addition, the functions shutdown and restart of the computer are implemented.

License : freeware
Version : 1.1.0
OS : Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Languages : English and Russian
Download : mrSetup.exe
Author : Kopanitsa Arkady

Copyright © 2022 Kopanitsa Arkady 

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