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eTenses is a program for studying English tenses, written based on the famous TV show "Polyglot" of the TV channel "Culture", dedicated to Dmitry Petrov's methodology for studying English tenses of the Simple group.

Attached to the program are files that make up exercises for memorizing time structures Simple, Continuous, Perfect.

The learning process is implemented by the following scheme:

1. Listening to a phrase in Russian
2. Translating a phrase into English and pronouncing it
3. Listening to the correct answer.

The class schedule is 15 minutes a day.

The program is portable, does not require installation and can work from any medium, including a USB flash drive.

An extended set of phrases from the Simple group using 66 English verbs is available for download as a separate file.

The audio files of the exercises listed above were produced programmatically, using text-to-speech programs using Microsoft's Speech API (SAPI) version 5 libraries, using specially prepared text files. Synthesized voices are characterized by a very mediocre quality of text voice-over.

License : freeware
Version : 2.0.0
OS : XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
Languages ​​: English, Russian
Author : Arkady Kopanitsa
Download :
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