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xyBackup - is a program for backing up data from various media.

Depending on the job settings, the backup process can be started

  • According to the schedule.
  • At the time the media is detected.

The settings also select one of two copy mode options:

  • Files will be added each time to a separate directory with or without compression (in a zip archive).;
  • The files will be added to the same directory each time, with the ability to maintain an exact copy of the copied directories and files.

Filtering can be applied to copied files:

  • by extension;
  • the size of the file.

Licence : freeware
Version : 1.6.2
OS : Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
Language : English, Russian
Download : xyBSetup.exe
Author : Kopanitsa Arkady

Copyright © 2020-2023 Kopanitsa Arkady 

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